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Warm floor under any kind of surface.


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More than 10 years in the market. Prices are lower than competitors by 50% or more.

10 year manufacturer's quality guarantee

The life of the product is tens of years.

Under any kind of surface

Can be used under: laminate, tile, carpet, linoleum, parquet board.

Easy installation in 1 day

Do it yourself or with our installers.

Quick heating of surfaces

Quality is confirmed by all necessary documents.

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Benefits of infrared heating?

The main advantage of infrared heating lies in main principle of heat transfer. Unlike a traditional heating system, infrared heaters do not heat the air, but heat you. The thermal energy from infrared heaters is not absorbed by the air, so the heat without barrier reaches people within the range of the device. The room heats up quickly and evenly. The efficiency of the device reaches 90%. It is interesting that when an infrared heater is working, a person feels comfortable even if the room temperature is 2-3 degrees lower than usual. That’s why, the temperature controller can be set a few marks lower and thereby save about 10% of electricity.
As we already said, infrared heating systems are easy to install and dismantle. In case of moving, you can easily remove the device and install it in a new place. Infrared heaters do not take too much space and have a modern design that will surely fit into your interior. Devices are connected to the power supply without any problems and can be managed by the Smart Home system.
The service life of the infrared heating system is more than 30 years. Some brands give a guarantee for their products for at least 50 years. The heating film used in the devices is highly durable, it is not afraid of physical exertion. Such heaters can be safely used in gyms, shops and other public places.
When heating systems based on fuel combustion are used, there is a risk of emitting harmful gases to humans. Infrared heaters are absolutely safe. On the contrary, their use is beneficial: by emitting negative ions, the device eliminates unpleasant smells and maintains environmental cleanliness in the room, as well as neutralizes static electricity. Our brands guarantee the fire safety of infrared heaters.
Infrared heating systems can be used in any type of premises: private country cottages and apartment buildings, commercial buildings, industrial premises, etc.

Monocrystal - the only manufacturer of electric infrared film heating elements and floor heating systems and electric heating products in Europe.


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